Barbaras Second Child Birth

Barbara is so happy, as soon she will have her second child. But of course, she [...]

First Aid Fracture And Bleeding

Johnny was riding a bike in the forest and suddenly he fell down and got injured [...]

Prince George Cleanup

Princess Elizabeth has a little child George. Very soon George will come home, t [...]

First Aid Road Accident

Little Jimmy was playing outside with a ball, when suddenly he was hit by a car. [...]

Prince George Babysitter

Do you like little children? Of course, you do, as they are so cute! Prince Geor [...]

Polly And Newborn Sister

Polly is so happy, as she has a newborn sister Helga! Very soon her parents are [...]

First Aid for Burns

It’s a very serious job to be a firefighter. Firefighters are very brave and cou [...]

Rescue Of the Drowning

A boy was swimming in the see and suddenly you noticed that he was drowning. You [...]

Fairy Cleanup

Elizabeth is the babysitter of a little fairy – Lizzy. But she should look not o [...]

Tidy Baby Sofia

Baby Sofia has been playing outside for a long time. Now she is very dirty. That [...]