Dora Party Cleanup

Yesterday Dora had a big party! She invited a lot of guests, and they had a grea [...]

Dora Fun Makeover

Dora is sitting at a lesson, but it is very boring. She doesn’t listen to the te [...]

Dora Babysitter

Dora loves her little sister. And today her parents will be at work the whole da [...]

Dora Twins Babysitter

Dora has two little twin sisters. She enjoys being their babysitter, when her pa [...]

Dora Fun Cafe

It’s a well known fact that Dora enjoys exploring the world. This is her favorit [...]

Dora Pets Care

Dora loves animals. Today she has an opportunity to buy a new pet. You should he [...]

Dora Ice Cream Shop

Have you ever watched he cartoon “Dora the Explorer”? Everybody knows that Dora [...]