Princess Wedding

Today Princess Elizabeth and Prince Charles have a wedding. They are in love wit [...]

Princess Tattoo Salon

Have you ever dreamt of having your own tattoo salon? This job requires a lot of [...]

Kiss Sleeping Beauty

As always Sleeping Beauty is sleeping. And she can wake up only if the prince ki [...]

Royal Love Cupid

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Charles have just met in the palace. You should be [...]

Princess Fashion Designer

Each girl dreams of becoming a designer. This is a very serious and difficult jo [...]

Princess And Baby Hairstyle

Princess Amelia has a little cute daughter. Today both of them are going to a ba [...]

First Ball of Baby Princess

Lizzy is a little princess. Today she will have the first ball in her life! Of c [...]

Princess Shopping

Linda is a real shopaholic! She is preparing for a party, that’s why today she h [...]

Princess Party Cleanup

Princess Elizabeth had a big party yesterday. There were lots of her friends at [...]

Princess Love Date

Princess Elizabeth has fallen in love. She has been looking forward to the date [...]